The largest manufacturer of high quality aluminum profiles in Kazakhstan.

Alprof — creating quality.

Our advantages

High quality

Alprof products are manufactured from high quality raw materials at our own plant. This allows us to have 100% control over product quality. All our products comply with the international quality certificate ISO 9001.

Affordable prices

Unlike many local companies, we do not apply extra charge for product export. Our own production allows us to maintain affordable prices. In addition, the cost of each aluminum system is calculated individually for each customer. Here you can find products suitable for you not only in design, but also in your budget.

Own production

Alprof owns one of the largest plants for the production of aluminum profiles in the country. This allows you to save on logistics and exercise full supervision over quality. Therefore, we offer our customers affordable prices, high-quality products and customized solutions.

Delivery anywhere in Kazakhstan

After ordering, we will plan the optimal route and deliver your goods anywhere in the country.


Service offers

20 years of experience in the production of aluminum profiles and high-quality plant equipment allows Alprof to serve customers at the highest level. By ordering products from us, you also receive a full range of services for working with aluminum profiles from our professionals.


How to combine creative design freedom with structural reliability? This is a design task.

Structural analysis

Before you start construction, you need to answer an important question: how much will everything cost?

Technical support

We provide technical support for the optimal placement of our profile systems. This is a consultation with step-by-step instructions for assembly and installation of the aluminum system.

Profile production according to customer drawings

Alprof has a wide range of products - here you can find aluminum systems for every taste. However, if the desired profile is not in our catalog, we can make it especially for you - according to drawings.

Stages of work

2 stages

Preparatory stage

Free consultation

Product selection

and completion of technical specifications

Individual calculation

and preparation of a commercial proposal

Contract signing

Stage of production

Launch of profile production process

Extrusion of the profile

Coloring or anodizing of the profile

Profile rolling

Profile packaging

Delivery of the finished product

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How to order your service?

ou can choose the specific item of interest in the Catalog section on our website. If you couldn't find it, you can call out manager or submit a service request through one of the forms on the website, after that we will contact you for clarification.

What products and services do you offer?

We specialize in the production of aluminum profiles and also act as distributors of hardware, rubber seals and other components from well-known brands. We provide calculation and design services.

Do you produce wire?

No, we do not produce wire, we are producers of aluminum profiles.

Do you produce corrugated sheets?

No, we do not produce corrugated sheets, we are producers of aluminum profiles.

Do you produce products from duraluminium?

No, our products are made from alloys AD31, AD0, AD31T.